Demo Kitchen for 2019

The popular Demo Kitchen will once again have a great line-up at this year's Festival

​Many thanks to all those appearing in the demo kitchen bringing us great recipes, new ideas and above all your enthusiasm straight from your stall or your restaurant / bar. All very exciting

Saturday 7th September

  • 12 noon   Sauces that Feed the Inner Chimp from Niall at Screaming Chimp ~ Niall will be cooking Chicken in a Mango & Papaya Sauce + a Veggie Chilli. Be prepared to be entertained by Niall. With his own touch of spice and fun this is definitely going to be entertaining session !!

  • 1.30pm  Berwicker Paella- be ready for the aromas from this dish expertly put together by Rev John Vilaseca. Interesting combinations easily followed by us all ...

  • 3.00pm Quick Jams with Millie from Northern Soul. Millie takes the stickiness and in my case 'the mess' out of jam making with her quick and easy recipes using what others have discarded. No waste, no fuss, no mess ... this we all must see


Sunday 8th September

  • 12noon  Pasta sauces from Jim at Salt Pig. These recipes will make you think twice about buying pre prepared meals from any supermarket. Jim shows how to make quick, easy AND delicious pasta dishes in the time it takes you to walk around the supermarket with your trolley !!

  • 1.30pm  Foraging Crafts turned into delicious dishes ~ Zoe from The Mule on Rouge shows how simple it can be

  • 3.00pm To Match or Not ?? ask Mark from Atelier -  Simple, yummy charcuterie is on this menu accompanied with which drink?? Come along and meet Mark from Atelier who will be matching fine cured meats with some interesting drink combinations


A great way to finish off our demo kitchen in 2019

Come and join us - Kathy & Chris


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